Help us help these horses!

The 2015 KY Legislature has lowered holding times to 15 days!


  1. Identify the horses that have been abandoned.
  2. Provide food and immediate health care to those who need it most.
  3. Provide healthcare to the rest of the horses.
  4. Begin finding homes for these unwanted and abandoned horses.

We need your help!

Through ONE STEP FORWARD (a 501-C3) we are trying to provide feed for the horses, healthcare, micro-chipping for identification purposes, and for building temporary holding areas until homes can be found and/or space is available at certified rescue centers for those horses at risk or creating safety issues.

If you want to help, contact us at or write us at P.O. Box 51153, Bowling Green, KY 42102.

Click here for a 5 minute video (use the word horses as the password to access) to hear about one county's attempt to save 11 abandoned horses, two of which were yearlings and eight others were pregnant.

In the summer months, the rich grassland on the reclaimed coal sites are sustaining them but when there is a drought or harsh winters, it is the horses that suffer

For more on the plight of the abandoned horses in east Kentucky, click here for the white papers and watch this 7 minute video type the word horses as the password that is required to access video.